Labradorite necklace featuring handmade interlocking chain pieces.s.

“Balance” Labradorite with Dynamic Silver Chain

SKU: N0002
  • This interesting necklace places the handmade angular chain pieces on opposite sides of the necklace and is combined with gorgeous iridescent square labradorite beads. The chain pieces are textured on one side and high shine on the other. The piece is both asymmetric and balanced and the angular chain provides movement. The clasp is handmade to compliment the necklace. You might also like the several choices of complimenting earrings. .(E0001, E0007, E0006 & E0016). This piece is part of the Dynamic Collection.

    Length: 58cms


    The “Dynamic" Collection:

    Having worked for many years as a therapist in mental health, the Dynamic Collection explores the dynamic tension between our inner and outer worlds and the different ways we present ourselves to the world and people around us. I found myself drawn to modern architecture and in particular, how shapes that jar are curiously compelling. This dynamism is represented by the interplay of movement, textures, angles and asymmetric combinations that resulted.