Rose shaped Sterling Silver pendant with silver chain and "S" shaped clasp and finished to a high shine. 

“Rose” Silver pendant.

SKU: P0002
  • This strong silver piece flows ribbonlike into a shape reminiscent of a rose. This pendant has a lovely weight to it and is on a 2.5mm silver chain.

    Chain length:  24"/61cms  or  34"/86cms


    The “Fluid” Collection.

    In this collection, the notion of fluidity is taken in a new direction by experimenting with molten wax in water. Using this technique allowed me to explore feelings around control and letting go. The shapes were allowed to develop organically. I selected the shapes that spoke to me and refined them before sending them to be cast using the ancient technique of lost wax casting. Some pieces were kept as one off pieces. Others were refined further and a mound was made so that they could be recast. The pieces in this collection vary greatly, but with each piece you experience the essence of how the wax, and then the silver, flowing freely into its unique shape with the guidance of the hand of the designer.