Necklace with strands of pearls, labradorite and lava with Sterling Silver centrepiece.

“Strands 2L” Natural Gemstone Bead Necklace with Silver Centrepiece

SKU: N0015
  • This stunning one of a kind necklace combines pearls, labradorite and lava. They are threaded through a hammered silver centrepiece. The strands are finished with silver and bead details.

    Length at neck 20”/ 51cms. Length hangs to 14”/ 36cms. Centrepiece 5cms


    The “Inspire” Collection:

    While continuing to explore asymmetry with balance, the angles in this collection are softer and more fluid, inspired by the curves in nature as well as in architecture. The sterling silver is given a brushed satin finish in most instances, to compliment the shapes that evolved, perhaps as resonance to the Dynamic Collection.