Interlinked varying sized silver chain pieces with Lace Agate gemstone beads.

“Symmetry Lace” Silver and Lace Agate Necklace

SKU: N0012
  • This extra-long chain combines handmade sterling silver chain pieces interspersed asymmetrically with lace agate beads inspired by the ever changing sea in Dublin Bay. The chain is polished to a high shine. The dark agate has gorgeous light strands running through it like froth on waves. There are several small chain pieces at the back allowing the wearer to wear the necklace shorter if required.  (You might like matching earrings. (See E0010 & E0011 ). This piece is part of the Inspire Collection.

    Full Length: 86cms


    The “Inspire” Collection:

    While continuing to explore asymmetry with balance, the angles in this collection are softer and more fluid, inspired by the curves in nature as well as in architecture. The sterling silver is given a brushed satin finish in most instances, to compliment the shapes that evolved, perhaps as resonance to the Dynamic Collection.

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