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Frequently asked Questions.

  • Q: What are my Shipping Costs?
    Shipping Costs are calculated when you checkout. There are currently 3 shipping cost bands, depending upon destination: 1. Within Ireland - Free Shipping 2. To United Kingdom - €15 3. To Rest of World - €25 For Further information please see Shipping, Returns and Refunds page.
  • Q: Can I visit you in your studio?
    A: Yes, I would be delighted for you to come to my studio in Marlay Park, which I share with a colleague. I am there every 2nd week from Thursday to Sunday so it’s a good idea to contact me beforehand to be sure I will be there.
  • Q: Where is your jewellery made.
    A: All my jewellery is made by me in my studio in Dublin.
  • Q: What does “one of a kind” mean?
    A: This means that only one piece has been made in that design. If you have a commissioned piece, the design will belong to the designer unless agreed otherwise during the design process.
  • Q: How can I get my ring size?
    A: If you can come to Marlay Park we can assist you with your ring measurement. Most jewellery shops offer a measuring service. However, be clear which finger you plan to wear a ring on because even the same finger, on your other hand, may need a different size. With mens rings, particularly wedding rings, it is important to be professionally measured, specifying to the jeweller the width and depth of the ring they require. We are happy to do these measurements in Marlay Park.
  • Q: How do I work out a ring size without my partner knowing?
    A: The easiest is to surreptitiously borrow another ring of your partners and have it sized. Be aware that sizing varies depending on the width of the ring shank. There are lots of size gauges on the internet, but they are confusing! The sizes in the US are different than the sizes we use here. The best sizer I’ve found so far is available here. Download Ring Sizing Tool You must print it out on an A4 sheet and then you can measure a ring against it. Finally I can send you a plastic ring sizing measure that you tighten around your finger until it fits. I charge €5 to send it to you and I will discount it off the price of any ring you purchase from me.
  • Q: May I have a different gemstone?
    A: Yes you can, if my suppliers can get the gemstone(s) you require. Please contact me to discuss.
  • Q: Do you do repairs and cleaning?
    A: Yes, I offer a complimentary cleaning service for any piece of my jewellery! I’m also happy to repair any jewellery I have made, if at all possible. (I do not do general cleaning nor 3rd party repairs).
  • Q: Can I have a ring resized?
    A: This depends to a large extent on the ring. If a ring has stones set in it, it is more difficult to resize. A simple wedding band can be resized more easily. I’m always available to advise.
  • Q: Why has my silver turned black?
    A: This is tarnish, a naturally occurring oxidation over time. In fact some jewellers use this process to highlight certain parts of a piece. If you wrap your jewellery in the anti-tarnish tissue I provide, it should slow this process. I’m happy to clean a piece of my jewellery for you if you return it to me.
  • Q: How should I care for my jewellery?
    A: These precious, wearable items require care and attention to retain their beauty and preserve their quality. Dust, pollution and daily wear can all conspire to cloud the appearance of the jewellery over time. Avoid contact with water and chemicals found in cosmetic products such as perfume, creams and hairspray as much as possible. Due to their delicate nature, jewellery should not be worn whilst sleeping, swimming or whilst participating in physical activities. Light, air and humidity can also cause the jewellery to oxidise. To avoid this, store your jewellery away from sunlight in a box such as the original packaging. Ideally store your jewellery separately to avoid scratches and tangles. I usually include some white tissue paper in your eco pebble packaging. It is special anti-tarnish paper which you can wrap your jewellery with when not in use. I also include a little complimentary cleaning cloth, but please do not use this on any satin finished jewellery as this is best just washed in warm soapy water.
  • Q: Returns and Refunds?
    A: You are welcome to return an item in its original condition and in its packaging within 28 days. For full details see Shipping, Returns and Refunds page.
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