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In this collection I have married my two loves, designing and making unique silver pieces with my passion for natural gemstone beads. The silver pieces are mainly organic pieces from the “Fluid” range.  This is a unique process I have developed, where I pour thin streams of molten wax onto different surfaces including water. Over time I have learned more about the viscosity of different waxes, the way wax works on different surfaces and how to regulate the flow of the wax, but the emerging shapes are to some extent still beyond my control. I see this as a direct response to our collective experience of the pandemic and our struggle to make sense of loss of control, as this process began as experimentation during the first lockdown.


Other pieces of jewellery in this collection will feature hand fabricated silver pieces that have been textured in different ways. I love how different textures change the look and feel of the silver and occasionally some gold features in the work.


I have been a collector of natural semiprecious gemstone beads for many years. Every time i visit other countries I look for bead shops. I love the natural colours, the shapes and textures and sometimes I like to put contrasting colours in a piece. I always focus on how the silver and beads relate  and compliment each other creating a cohesive design.

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