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Choosing a Jewellery Gift.

It’s always tempting, when buying a gift to choose something you would like yourself, but this is not always the best plan! So here’s a few questions to ask yourself.

1.Think about the type of jewellery your recipient wears. Do they have a particular style. You don’t want to buy something too similar to other pieces but yet you can choose something in the wearers style.

2.When selecting earrings:

*the first thing to check is does your recipient have allergies?

*Does your recipient like earrings that dangle or do they wear studs?

*Do they like tiny and subtle or large and bold?

*Are the earrings aimed at day to day wear, or special evening wear pieces

*Do they favour gemstones or pearls.

*Do they go for a particular metal, silver, gold or mixed metals?

*Some older women have told me that they like earrings that cover the pierced spot in the ear as they worry that the pierced ear has sagged over time.

*some people also dislike heavy earrings.

*Earrings can weigh up to 28gms or more but those over 12 Grams usually have a clasp or some sort of support system, to avoid tearing of the ear lobes.

*Some people just don’t find heavy earrings comfortable.

*Big and bold doesn’t always mean heavy so take them in your hand (covid notwithstanding 🤷‍♀️) and ask for the earrings to be weighed if in doubt.

3.Choosing a necklace

*What length will fit your recipient’s style

*what length will match the necklace to the style. Here is a guide to standard lengths of necklaces and chains. (See the necklace size chart at the end of this blog).

*Does the person you are gifting to prefer dainty or bold.

*Will the piece be day or evening wear.

*The weight of the piece is also important.

*The style of the necklace will also dictate the length to some extent.

*What metal does your recipient generally wear? Silver , gold, mixed metals.

*If choosing gold would your wearer prefer yellow, rose or white gold?

4.Choosing a ring is the most tricky present to select and some would say the most deeply personal gift to choose. Check out my FAQ or my blog on “Sizing a ring. Original Strands can make it easy for you!”

*The size and depth of the ring shank, the finger the ring is to be be worn on and whether there are gemstones in the ring are among some of the factors to take into consideration.

*Check out the jewellers returns policy and whether it is possible to have the ring resized at a later date.

5.If you find yourself a bit overwhelmed by all the choices and decisions to be made, go away and think about it for half an hour. Usually you can firm up a choice by then! As long as you keep your receipt you should be able to exchange a piece and if you are buying sometime before Christmas, check that the gift can be changed in the new year.

*And finally, having realised that your recipient might not favour the same jewellery style as you, why not buy that piece you initially fancied for yourself!

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