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The story of Mothers Day and choosing that perfect gift.

On the fourth Sunday in Lent, from about the sixteenth century, it had been a tradition for families to attend a church service in the nearest important church or cathedral - their 'Mother' church.

Nowadays, Mother's Day is a celebration of the role of mothers, and her children usually give their Mum a card and gift; younger children often try to make their mum breakfast with varying degrees of success! It is now the third most popular time to get together after Christmas and Valentine’s Day and I think this year, after all the social distancing of the past two years, will be a day of celebration. However,I’m mindful that many people have lost their Mum to this pandemic and I’d like to take this opportunity to give my sincere condolences to them.

During the last two years of the pandemic, Mums have had a really difficult time. Expectant Mums and Mums with small babies have had to find their way without their usual supports. Mums have had to juggle work whilst homeschooling young kids, Mums have had to share computer time with teenagers and partners as everyone works from home. Mums haven’t been able to see their grandchildren and Mums in care homes have been unable to have visitors. So, this year, we can at last get together and truly celebrate the Mums.

For those of you who would like to follow tradition by choosing a gift for a Mum, what is important is to choose something special. If you are choosing a piece of jewellery take some time to think about what this Mum likes. For example, some mums like earrings that are dainty and can be worn throughout the day. Others like something that is a bit of a statement. Some mums like stud earrings that sit on the ear, while others (and I’m in this bracket!) like earrings hoops that dangle!

Similarly, if choosing a necklace think about what the Mum in your life likes to wear. Does she like something subtle or a piece that stands out. Does she wear her necklace inside her collar (usually 18 inches), over her clothes (20”- 24”) or long, below her chest (34”). What colours does she tend to wear and is she someone who chooses her jewellery to match particular outfit.

And if you are choosing a ring as a gift, try to surreptitiously find out what ring size your Mum wears,which can be tricky, I know! Observe which finger she tends to wear her rings on. (See my ring sizer in the FAQ on my website). The type of ring you choose primarily depends on whether your Mum is going to wear it all the time, regularly or on special occasions. It needs to be comfortable and match her style and character.

Most mothers are now more focused on sustainability and recycling, so I would recommend that you choose a piece of jewellery that will stand the test of time, perhaps to be passed down to future generations. Ask the maker how and where they source their materials. Many Mums now want to support local businesses and like to know the story behind their gift. Even packaging is now important. Boxes with gold and silver lettering are often not recyclable.

The gift you choose, whether for your own mum, the mother of your children, or any Mum who is special to you, will be a sign of your love and marks her importance in you life. Have a wonderful special Mother’s Day this year.


ps. It seems difficult to talk about celebrations with the appalling war in Ukraine, and my thoughts are particularly with all the displaced mother and children, traumatised at having to leave their homeland, their partners and fathers. With this in mind, 25% of anything I sell in the next 3 weeks will go to the Red Cross.

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