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These unique sterling silver stud earrings from Original Strands are curiously intriguing! The process of creating them by pouring molten wax into water and then refining and casting them in silver is quite a talking point. The fact that their design is both pretty and unusual makes them even more appealing. Whether you wear them yourself or gift them to someone special, these delicate earrings carry a story—a fusion of creativity, nature, and skilled hands. 🌟💫

“Swirls” Handmade Silver Earrings .

SKU: E0052
  • These earrings have been created with molten wax, which have been refined and cast in silver. They have a lovely flowing shape that sits well on the ear. They are quite a talking point as people wonder how the swirling shape has been created and they will add style and elegance to any outfit. These earrings have been designed and made in my Dublin studio.




    Length: 0.75cm.

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