Sterling silver handmade ring with Moonstone gemstone.

Stature with Moonstone.

SKU: R0022
  • This bold sterling silver ring has a tapered surface with a Moonstone standing at the wider edge . The silver is polished high shine finish. It was inspired by modern architecture in and around Grand Canal Dock in Dublin. (This ring is also available with lapis lazuli , amethyst, garnet and peridot. It is also available with brushed satin finish).

    Ring size:  P+


    The “Dynamic" Collection:

    Having worked for many years as a therapist in mental health, the Dynamic Collection explores the dynamic tension between our inner and outer worlds and the different ways we present ourselves to the world and people around us. I found myself drawn to modern architecture and in particular, how shapes that jar are curiously compelling. This dynamism is represented by the interplay of movement, textures, angles and asymmetric combinations that resulted.